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red-eye recovery facial

A facial that will get jet-setters looking lively in a jiffy thanks to a trio of masks: one to exfoliate and smooth, one to perk up tired under eyes and one to hydrate and revive skin.

Available at QuickBliss at Bliss49.


To learn about each add-in, see add-ins section below.


   Built into your treatment, with no added time
  • brow

    Book a one-way trip to ‘wow’ brows. All brow waxes are not created equal. In fact, we’ve put a new slant on supermodel shaping and sundry clean-ups, arming our acclaimed estheticians with strip-less, ‘state-of-the-arch’ poetic waxing®. Our lauded low-temp wax takes the ‘OW’ out of brow waxing by actually shrink-wrapping the hairs instead of sticking to the delicate, sensitive skin around the eye area—all of which adds up to a kinder, gentler brow wax. And, because we know that a good brow shaping is like a non-surgical eye lift, we’ll meticulously measure the individual angles of your face, to determine your most flattering start, end and arch points.
  • energizing vitaminized oxygen spray

    An antioxidant-packed mist that moisturizes and increases radiance. Perfect for pre-date, night out, post flight.
  • micro build on plus

    Microdermabrasion in two areas.
  • fabulips

    Includes a smooch-smoothing scrub session, gentle peel and a plumping collagen mask that will leave your lips ‘pout’-of-this world
  • acne+age-fighting alpha beta peel

    Exfoliates, smoothes and reduces pores and fine lines. Uses alpha and beta hydroxy acids.
  • the 'eyes' have it

    This peeper perk-up peel will leave you wide-eyed restoring volume to skin cells, reducing puffiness and diminishing dark circles around the eye area.
  • retinol peel

    Addresses hyper-pigmentation and signs of aging. Includes layers of AHA, BHA and retinol, with a dose of hyaluronic acid to seal and hydrate the skin.
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