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the hot salt scrub™

Looking for a super-stimulating smoothing session? You’re getting warmer... This shoulder-to-shin rubdown softens skin with a self-heating, sinus-clearing rosemary and eucalyptus oil sea salt scrub.


To learn about each add-in, see add-ins section below.
  • bBody treatments are not available at all Bliss locations. Please inquire at booking
  • pWe cannot perform this treatment on pregnant guests.

how it works

Our body treatments induce excellent circulation by starting with a stimulating scrub to increase blood flow. Bringing fresh oxygenated blood to the entire body helps flush out toxins and make the skin look fresh and rejuvenated.


Our body treatments induce deep relaxation as scrubs can be effective in reducing stress and soreness. Not to mention your skin will feel soft, hydrated, and brand new. We recommend one per season to slough off the previous season!


   Built into your treatment, with no added time
  • hot paraffin pack™

    Stimulates circulation, heals stiff necks and sore lower backs, or hydrates chapped dry hands or feet.
  • dry brushing

    A fantastic technique to improve detoxification. Firms and exfoliates the skin and softens to the touch.
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