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great expectations

This bump-friendly version of our blissage relieves tired muscles, swelling and sluggish circulation to leave maxed-out moms-to-be feeling practically ‘reborn’. After the first trimester only.


To learn about each add-in, see add-ins section below.
  • bBody treatments are not available at all Bliss locations. Please inquire at booking

how it works

Massage is a great way to reset the mind and body as it promotes general health and rejuvenation. Massage is also a great way to relieve the stress put on the body and mind during pregnancy. Our specially trained and certified massage therapists are trained to provide you the most comfort and benefit during your massage. Massage improves blood circulation which brings fresh oxygenated blood to vital organs including the brain. 


Following your great expectations massage you will leave with reduced muscle tension and improved lymphatic and blood circulation to relieve achy muscles and sore spots. A little ‘me’ time before baby can also reduce anxiety and improve your overall state of mind before your bundle of joy arrives! We recommend regular massages for the best possible results, which is why we developed our bliss spa membership program. Bliss spa membership is available in all US locations excluding bliss atlanta-downtown, bliss boston, bliss dc, and bliss fort lauderdale. Learn more at


   Built into your treatment, with no added time
  • hot paraffin pack™

    Stimulates circulation, relieves stiff necks and sore lower backs, or hydrates dry hands or feet.
  • dry brushing

    A fantastic technique to improve detoxification. Firms and exfoliates the skin and softens to the touch.
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